Welcome to the Virtual Assistant Blog by Anna Baron.  I’ve been in business since 1997 and have been active in various organizations over the past 16 years.

Ask anyone in the Virtual Assistant industry about me, you’ll usually receive great reviews on my work and undoubtedly a few “she speaks her mind” comments.

I don’t spend minutes or hours fretting over a post,  I’m here to talk about relevant topics in the most concise – and usually opinionated – way possible.  I appreciate feedback and learning from others, so please contribute your thoughts on any subjects you want to weigh in on or ask questions about.  In the same respect, I don’t have time for comments on my grammar or poor punctuation – simply put, if I didn’t learn it on the “conjunction-junction what’s your function” type videos from Schoolhouse Rock, then at this point in my life, just give up.  I have.   I’m an internet marketing specialist, not a grammar goddess and you’ll never find writing services offered on any of my web sites.

With that said, I normally can see the humor in a lot of situations, I’m the chick laughing when others are pulling their hair out.  I find the humor in being a virtual assistant…my mission is to help you learn and make you laugh.

Virtually yours,